Emily O'Hearn College Experience

Emily O’Hearn Presents to the Employment Class

The Employment class was graced with the presence of Emily O’Hearn who is the Art Director of Print Services for a company called American Marketing Group. Emily has a wealth of experience having been in the graphic design industry for seven years creating a variety of magazines and brochures. The essence of any profession or…

Sonia College Experience

Sonia’s Sentiments on her Freshman Year

Sonia DeByle is 21 years old and started her time at the College Experience as a freshman. She currently lives at home with her mom, dad, brother Dominick, and identical twin sister, Ande. Sonia was drawn to the College Experience after touring it in November 2018 with her family. It was her ambition to learn…

Danielle Graduation College Experience

Danielle’s Dance Party and Graduation at a Slight Distance

One of our seniors, Danielle Passariello is a testament to the attitude that even in times of upheaval, the show must go on! On Saturday, May 2nd Danielle was supposed to perform in the Golden Knights Dance Showcase, but since she couldn’t she still found time to dance at home. On Saturday, May 9th also would have been Danielle’s graduation, instead she celebrated at home wearing her cap from high school and dressed to the nines.