Speed Dating College of Saint Rose

Speed Dating at the College of Saint Rose

One of the more unique activities was a post-Valentine’s Day surprise on Friday, February 15, 2019 in the Midnight Eats Lounge on Madison Avenue. Midnight Eats, which is normally a late-night dining and relaxation area, was turned into Dating Central as plenty of our students chose to participate in Speed Dating. They paid a very small fee to have the chance of meeting other college students beyond those in the program to tell each other about their interests, life backgrounds, and what they are looking for in a romantic relationship.

Best Buddies College Experience

First Best Buddies Meeting of 2019

The first meeting of 2019 for the Best Buddies Club recently took place within the Midnight Eats Lounge located on the College of Saint Rose campus. Best Buddies is a wonderful opportunity for our students to form friendships with mainstream students from the College of Saint Rose to help immerse them in campus life.

College Experience Staff Trainer Living Resources

Alumni Debuts as Staff Trainer for Living Resources, Inc

Living Resources, Inc. always likes providing opportunities for our individuals to reach new heights as we teach them the skills necessary to excel as a co-worker, friend, employee, romantic partner, artist, and plenty of other wonderful things. Allow us to introduce the talented, humorous, and loquacious (a.k.a. talkative) Andrew Maggio ’14, who just had his strong debut as a staff trainer on Monday, February 11, 2019

American Red Cross Blood Drive College Experience

American Red Cross Blood Drive

On the morning of Thursday, January 31, 2019 some of the busy employees within Living Resources, Inc. were caught in a rare, reclining position when not pounding away on their laptops for a while. But they had a very good excuse to lie down for a little while on the job. A decent number of our awesome employees made the choice to open their hearts and hemoglobin-enriched bodies for the sake of saving lives.

Guilderland YMCA Trip College Experience

Trip to the Guilderland YMCA

The Alumni Activities Club ventured out to the Guilderland YMCA where there is an indoor aquatic oasis from the bitter cold in the form of a heated swimming pool, a hot tub, and sauna facilities! Mia, James, Rob, and Rachael enjoyed these amenities as guests of the complex while splashing around with pool dumbbells and…

Family Cook Night College Experience

Family Cook Night

Family Cook Nights are one of the many ways students are able to unwind after a day of classes while enhancing their socialization with peers. Students work together on an eclectic selection of recipes and eventually enjoy the fruits of their labors when the recipe is completed.