Sonia DeByle is a current student who has proven that one is never too old to play with dolls or anything else that gives them happiness while allowing them to hone other abilities. Sonia revealed a talent during her Health and Wellness class on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 that caused everybody’s mouths to drop to the floor. Sonia has become skilled in stop-motion animation by teaching herself the craft through YouTube tutorials and relentless patience! Here is her YouTube page that she has offered to share with the public: “sunnysdollchannell”:

We are hoping that you will check out Sonia’s work including her most successful and widely-viewed video called, ‘OMG’ (a Monster High NewJeans stop motion video dance performance). Stop-motion animation is a meticulous process that requires a relentless sense of patience. Sonia confided that this particular video took twelve hours to create!


We wish Sonia all the success in the world as she develops these skills while continuing her journey within the College Experience.