Ra’Kwon Brady from the College Experience Class of 2021 is no stranger to physical fitness. He is a regular at the GNC store trying to find healthy ways to increase his prowess in athletics and was even a rising star during his time on the high school football team. We have the privilege of showing him on an Alumni Activity the date of Thursday, July 13, 2023 in which he took on the long Yellow Trail on the local Pine Bush Preserve located off of New Karner Road. As you can clearly see, he has some company in the background from a new friend who decided to make a surprise appearance!

Ra’Kwon has continued to make lasting strides in his employment at the Albany International Airport where he helps to maintain a convenience store for harried passengers trying to grab supplies before their trips. Now he is in the process of attempting to become a male model. His staff recently took the liberty of connecting him with a department store located in Saratoga Springs, NY that is searching for young men to model their clothes. We will always continue to help Ra’Kwon and his peers reach for their dreams.