29-year-old Amy Maiorano is a 2017 College Experience graduate who lives with a chromosomal disorder called Deletion 22q, otherwise known as DiGeorge Syndrome (DGS). Deletion 22q creates intellectual challenges and could also be associated with issues related to vision as well as heart defects. These challenges are the result of a genetic defect caused by a microdeletion on the long arm (q arm) of the 22 chromosome. Deletion 22q is the second most common chromosomal disorder after Down Syndrome that many people know little about, and most have never even heard of this condition. Amy has been responsible for educating many people.

Shortly before she entered the program in 2015, Amy filmed a music video inspired by one of her role models in popular culture. Taylor Swift is known for her hit song that is conveniently titled, “22.” Amy created her own version of Taylor Swift’s song while employing the vocal talents of her sister Nicole in addition to casting her friends in different roles within the music video. Amy has not given up on trying to get the attention of Ms. Swift in hopes her hero will someday put it on her Twitter feed or at least acknowledge her creation. Staff are not giving up on Amy’s dream either. One of Amy’s staff members has connections to various people in the media and has sent the following letter out to associates from Taylor Swift’s record label of Republic Records. We will see what happens. Amy’s staff member had briefly worked with the Dr. Phil Show in January 2020 and was responsible for creating a critically-acclaimed episode. This is due to the attitude that the absolute worst thing that can possibly occur when taking such lofty chances is absolutely nothing. This is the letter he drafted to all major associates of Republic Records. As they say in the world of show business, here goes nothing…

Hello Mr. Turner; Mr. Roppo; Ms. Dominguez; Ms. Miller; Mr. Katz; Mr. Hrycyshyn; Mr. Lipson; Ms. Gryn; Mr. McCray; Mr. Nuckles; Mr. Carozza; and All Associates of Republic Records,

My name is Jesse Saperstein, and I work as the Media & Activities Liaison for the College Experience in Albany, NY. For the past eight years of my life, I have had the privilege of mentoring a talented alumnus of this program named Amy Maiorano who struggles and succeeds with a chromosomal disorder called, “Deletion 22q.” It affects her intellectual capabilities, eyesight, and various other aspects of her life. Ever since I have known her, all she talks about is how much she admires and cherishes the work created by Taylor Swift. Amy is currently 29 years old and is responsible for having created a Taylor Swift-inspired music video accessible through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtsPtu-AzJ8 The title is “22q” In the style of Taylor Swift’s “22” It has received over 18,000 views so far!

I try to live my life by taking as many chances as possible. Amy seems to have the same attitude that the absolute worst that will ever happen is nothing. With that said, I am continuing to help her in hopes that Amy’s idol will take 4:05 minutes to see Amy’s production. If Taylor Swift decides to put the YouTube link on just one of her tweets, I will put on my noise reduction headphones because there will be a veritable sonic boom through the New York State Capital Region from Amy’s shrieks of raw joy!!

Ms. Swift has a reputation for being extremely generous toward her fans and am hoping a piece of this will extend toward Amy just this one time! If there is no chance of this happening, it would be much appreciated if one of you would take a brief moment to respond so that I may solidify the reality in her mind that the odds of her connecting to Taylor Swift are extremely unlikely so she may focus on more realistic endeavors within her advocacy. I am not telling Amy about my intentions considering I do not want to build her hopes up once again. Plus…the surprise will be far more potent and explosive if she is completely unaware! Just some of Amy’s accomplishments are that she has been interviewed by CNN and performed a TED Talk.

Thank you for taking the time to listen regardless of what happens.

Jesse A. Saperstein