We would like you to draw your Yuletide-infused attention to this amazing Christmas display by a 2015 alumnus named Cory Wayman. Cory has made amazing strides and takes tremendous pride in cleaning his apartment. He is also famous for getting into the Holiday Spirit with countless ornaments representing his passions. These ornaments include Disney villains and a tiny replica of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System topped with a Super Mario World cartridge that will send our nostalgic spirits through the roof! On the top of his cabinet, you will notice an activated globe from The Nightmare Before Christmas playing the Danny Elfman song, “This is Halloween!”

Hopefully, all is well with the supporters of Living Resources this Holiday Season. May you all cherish the Yuletide Yore, Hanukkah Happiness, and the Crazeof Kwanzaa with the same kind of passion as Cory! When he is not decorating his apartment, Cory has served as a long-time Administrative Support Staff within the main office of Living Resources.