Our Media and Activities Liaison ran into 25-year-old Brendan Salmon and his family at Junior’s Restaurant in Guilderland, NY.  (It is a very small world in the Land of Smallbany!)  He is a graduate of the College Experience Class of 2019.  Brendan excitedly announced that he had lost 20 pounds through a lot of hard work and good dietary choices.  He agreed to pose for a photo to show off the New Brendan!

With a seemingly endless number of food amenities in the proximity of where our students and many of our alumni live in the Albany area, the temptation to consistently make unhealthy choices is always present.  It is common for them to struggle with their weight with not enough exercise to balance out their diets.  On the other hand…

We always like to see it when students and alumni get back on track to turn things around.  Brendan Salmon is killing it with his good choices, and he gave us a glimpse of how he achieved this coveted milestone.  Brendan consumed a lot of salad and vegetables in addition to working out and performing cardiovascular exercises.  He also did a lot of walking exercises and proudly ate at Subway every single day.  (And yes, there are some very healthy choices at Subway!)

We all congratulate Brendan on this milestone and will do everything in our power to support him going forward on top of what he receives from his family.  Brendan currently works in Food Service and Nutrition at St. Peter’s Hospital.  We have no doubt he can bring a lot to the table within his career based on what he has already accomplished!