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An Evening at the German-American Club

Nick Williams and Jessica Lewis from the Alumni Activities Club decided to give the German-American Club a chance on Friday, September 25, 2020 for one of their special dinners. The German-American Club is located on 32 Cherry Street; Albany, NY 12205 and the web page is: http://www.germanamericanclubofalbany.com The following was the meal the alumni enjoyed…


Our Return to the Capital City Diner!

The alumni of the College Experience enjoyed yet another piece of the Old Normal when the Awesome Alumni Activities Club traveled via the CDTA bus to the Capital City Diner, which has long been a favorite destination for the alumni. This was their first time back since this past winter, and it was just as…


2018 Alumnus Helps New Students Navigate their Path

The College Experience recently welcomed back one of our accomplished alumni, Jake Siskin. We are very happy to have him return and donate his time toward conducting campus tours and walking trials for the new students during the freshman orientation. Jake is currently receiving assistance from the Employment Services Department of Living Resources, Inc. and…