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Legislative Advocacy Training College Experience Featured

Legislative Advocacy Training

On the date of Wednesday, December 19, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM we had a special visitor come from the NY Alliance Group. Katie Mayo led everybody in attendance in a legislative advocacy training session where we learned some valuable skills on how to advocate for common issues that affect those in the disability community.


Schenectady Jewish Community Center College Experience

Event at Schenectady Jewish Community Center

Our CEO, Fred Erlich as well as the Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein had the chance to participate in a wonderful event at the Schenectady Jewish Community Center (JCC) located in Niskayuna, NY. Fred and Jesse spoke about the innovative programs within Living Resources, Inc., with a particular focus on the College Experience and its new partnership with Schenectady Community College, CareerNext.


College Experience Alumnus Volunteer at Animal Shelters

Alumni Volunteer at Animal Shelters

Compassion for our loyal and furry, four-legged friends was in-full force on the date of Saturday, December 22, 2018. Destiny, a 2018 alumnus, performed her volunteer work at Kitten Angels and Shannon, a 2017 alumnus, visited the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in hopes of making a difference as a future volunteer.