Jessica Lewis recently decided she wanted to pay a visit to Bowman Orchards in Rexford, NY on Thursday, June 16, 2022 to lighten the immense strawberry crop and take home the literal fruits of our labors.

Jessica allowed staff to capture some awesome photographs of her picking the ripest strawberries to use in various recipes like smoothies.

The day was still young with many hours of daylight left ahead of us. We decided to visit Peebles Island State Park located in Cohoes, NY. We searched for the elusive waterfall but sadly we were not able to find it before we decided to call it a day. Attached is another photograph of poetry in motion with Jessica taking a leisurely stroll on a road meandering through the lush woods.

The summer is still quite young so we are looking forward to many more trips that will make use of beautiful days with outdoor fun! Their Alumni Activities Coordinator once completed a 2,174-mile trip on the Appalachian Trail at the age of 23 back in 2005 and plans to take the alumni on some light hiking expeditions to local wilderness havens such as the Pine Bush Preserve!