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College Experience Mohawk Harbor Electric City

Alumni Explore the Electric City

The Alumni Activities Club of the College Experience recently traveled to Puzzles Cafe and Bakery in Schenectady, NY followed by the Rivers Casino down the street where they engaged in some light and “responsible” gambling. Rob Corso, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jessica Lewis, and Jose Galvez were transported by their staff on this trip planned by the Alumni Activities Club.


Best Buddies Friendship Walk College Experience

Best Buddies Friendship Walk

The 2019 Best Buddies Friendship Walk was held at Crossgates Mall recently. The Best Buddies Program has allowed our students to experience many aspects of campus life that would have been much harder to initiate on their own. We look forward to witnessing many more adventures on campus and throughout the Capital Region thanks to the support of others outside the program.


College Experience Summer Exchange 2019

Summer Exchange 2019

Twelve high school students participated in the 2019 Summer Exchange at the College Experience. Students spent the week attending College Experience classes, sleeping in the College of Saint Rose dorms, and visiting a number of attractions located around the Albany area.


College Experience Bowman Orchards

Alumni Indulge in the Joys of Berry Picking

On the afternoon of Sunday, July 14, 2019 staff transported participants of the Awesome Alumni Activities Club to Bowman Orchards located in Rexford, NY. This site has long been a favorite location for apple picking in the autumn months, although we happily discovered this location also bears strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries throughout the entire summer.


College Experience Family Corner Henry

Family Corner: Henry Medina

Henry’s family and the College Experience are honoring his numerous accomplishments with our second entry of Family Corner in which family members have the opportunity to talk about their child in their own words. Here is an entry composed with help from Henry’s father, Dennis, and his stepmother, Lisa!