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Danielle College Experience

Danielle in Her Own Words

One of our College Experience seniors, Danielle Passariello has donated her time to create an essay about her current activities at home with her family. Danielle’s senior year was interrupted just like millions of other students who must deal with cancelled graduations and other disappointments, but you will be inspired by her optimistic attitude and inspirational words!


Mike Zoom College Experience

The College Experience “Zooms” Forward to our Students!

Just like nearly every other school in the nation, the College Experience has taken the precautions of sending the students home to practice social distancing with their families. We hope they are enjoying time with their loved ones despite the unprecedented and unpleasant circumstances that warranted their return home. But the staff at the program have been utilizing technology to remain in touch by devising a modified curriculum to ensure that the students remain engaged with their instructors and peers for the rest of the semester.


David Lieberman Donating Blood College Experience

Alumnus and Staff Member, David Delivers the Gift of Life

During times of uncertainty when our world is shaken, it is important to hold onto some things we have control over until the tough times subside. We must step beyond ourselves and make contributions whenever possible to humanity. David Lieberman did just that on Friday, March 27, 2020 when he and his father, Aaron went to the New York Blood Center in the Long Island area to donate a pint.


St. Patricks Day Dinner German American Club College Experience

Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner at the German American Club

Even during times of uncertainty, the show must go on as reasonable precautions are taken by our entire agency to help individuals enjoy life while avoiding large crowds. On that note, Jessica and Bill enjoyed an intimate and friendly crowd at the German American Club this past Friday, March 13, 2020. Dinner consisted of a Saint Patrick’s Day dish with corned beef and steamed cabbage with three dessert samples.