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2018 Alumnus Helps New Students Navigate their Path

The College Experience recently welcomed back one of our accomplished alumni, Jake Siskin. We are very happy to have him return and donate his time toward conducting campus tours and walking trials for the new students during the freshman orientation. Jake is currently receiving assistance from the Employment Services Department of Living Resources, Inc. and…


Moving-In Day at the College Experience

On Monday, August 10, 2020 the College Experience welcomed the incoming freshmen class to join the upper-classmen who have been settled back into campus life for the past few weeks! Featured in these photographs from left to right are Kevin Baker who is the Assistant Director of Residential Services and our Residential Manager, Malcolm Sidbury.…


A Socially-Distanced Birthday Extravaganza

A pandemic cannot cancel the wonders of birthday magic and social gatherings in a safe proximity. Therefore, the alumni and staff worked together to guarantee that Andrew Maggio from the Class of 2012 could have the birthday celebration of his dreams at Juniors Bar and Grill this past Friday, July 31, 2020. We chose to…