The science and art of photography has come a long way over the years! It is hard to believe that in most of our lifetimes, the only way to take photographs used to be through film. We would take photos to the best of our ability and pray that someone did not absentmindedly walk in front of our shot…thus wasting an exposure. We also waited patiently for our film to be developed. Sometimes it took days before the kiosks at places like CVS sprouted all over to expedite the process. We just hoped that at least a few photographs were as close to perfect as possible to capture a beautiful moment in time!

The Photography Class at the College Experience has the advantage of modern-day conveniences such as cell phones that offer features to enhance the photos before they are printed or put onto social media. We are pleased to bring to your attention three of the photos captured in the Photography Class that have been edited by the students. The first two are from the Empire Plaza in the State Capitol of Albany including a crystal-clear one of the Reflecting Pool. The third photograph is of the natural scenery from Washington Park located on Madison Avenue that looks like it was captured from the bridge.

We look forward to more beautiful images from this class as well as updating you on the endeavors from the other classes within the College Experience!