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The College Experience Walks all the way over the Hudson

Day Trip: Walkway Over the Hudson

During Summer Session II at Saint Rose, students go out on the 2-3 night vacations that their group planned during Summer Session I. When students aren’t out on their vacations, there are still plenty of activities and classes happening on campus and around the Capital Region, and the College Experience Program offers a wide variety of…


Camelback Resort Trip

There are two different types of vacationers out there – those who are all about seeing and doing as much as possible, and those who are looking for a little relaxation. For our second overnight trip of Summer Session II, the group was determined to create a low-key, relaxing and rejuvenating experience while still fitting in…


The College Experience at Wildwood

Wildwood Summer Trip

For the first overnight trip of Summer Session II 2015, six students and two staff members left for the sandy beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey. The group chose Wildwood during their Trip Planning class that took place during Summer Session I because they wanted to spend most of their time swimming in the ocean and…


Throwback Thursday

For all of our social media users out there, you may have heard of a phenomena called “Throwback Thursday.” Spend any given Thursday on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you are bound to see some of your connections posting photos of childhood memories or events from years past. In honor of “Throwback Thursday” we figured…


Mosaic Masterpieces!

Under the guidance of art instructor Sharon Lombardi, some CEP students created gorgeous mosaic pieces during a Summer I elective course. Students learned how to sketch out initial designs on paper, and to select the colors to be used in their designs. Then, students were instructed in how to use tile nippers to cut glass…


Curriculum Spotlight: Forensic Science

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to offer a lot of fantastic and diverse course offerings as electives to our students. The Summer I Semester in particular is usually jam-packed with a lot of interesting options, and the summer of 2015 was no different! Forensic Science, taught by adjunct professor Deloria Ballard-Hubbell, was…


THe College Experience at t Rose blog

Welcome to the CEP Blog!

Hello CEP students, alumni, families, staff and community members! The College Experience Program is always seeking to improve the ways in which we communicate and keep in touch with students past, present and future, as well as our methods for sharing information about our unique program with the community. This new blog has been created…


Summer II Session – Trips Galore!

Today marks the beginning of Summer II, a 3-week semester that a lot of CEP students look forward to all year. During Summer II, students get to venture out on the overnight trips that they planned during Summer Session I. This year, we have four different exciting overnight trips planned entirely by our students: one…