We are proud to present a couple of aspiring chefs in the form of Kaylee and Sara who worked together in the kitchen of their home to make their dinners. Sara was making chicken tacos as Kaylee was gathering the proper equipment for the job at hand. The students of the College Experience receive extensive training with regard to kitchen safety and reasonable recipes that may often be made from scratch. There are a plethora of options as any supermarket for premade items in which cooking merely entails pushing a button on the microwave. But our students eventually learn the juice is worth the squeeze! It is oftentimes more satisfying to eat something that has been created with a small amount of labor and patience. The premade items at the supermarket often tend to be more expensive than basic ingredients with the costs adding up over time. We appreciate Susan Benoit who was the staff supervising the students that night as well as all of the students themselves for maintaining their domestic living space.