It is always so special when alumni, current students, new participants, and staff unite for one explosive frenzy of celebration! Work is put on a back burner and everybody is able to cut-loose while dancing to our favorite music. This was truly the case during the Summer Exchange Semi-Formal on the evening of Friday, July 19, 2019 at the Elks Club only a short walk away from the student residences.

Summer Exchange Semi-Formal FiestaAbove is a photograph of some current students and alumni taking a break from their feverish dancing. The theme of the semi-formal was “a fiesta” and even though dressing up was optional, a lot of party-goers rose to the occasion by showing up with elaborate costumes. Nick Davidson and a few of his peers served as our DJs by bringing their equipment and keeping everybody on the dance floor.

The main objective of the semi-formal was to welcome the participants of the Summer Exchange Program as they neared the end of their session. Twelve high school students participated in the 2019 Summer Exchange at the College Experience in which they were busy attending College Experience classes, sleeping in the College of Saint Rose dorms, and touring the many attractions throughout the Capital Region. We are hoping the experience for these young individuals was as special for them as it was for us, and we hope some of them will consider continuing their adventure as students someday.

One of the many highlights of this breathtaking evening was seeing alumni who have moved away from the area and have not returned for a long time due to the distance factor. Their entrance created quite a stir as their peers rushed to welcome them back. We hope to recreate this magic at many more celebrations in the future!