In order to properly welcome the incoming freshmen students, our current seniors got to work on the Kindness Rocks Project on the date of Thursday, August 15, 2019 under the artistic instruction of Fern Pivar who runs our Entrepreneur class and advises the Phat Dog Treats business that is manned by the students.

Kindness Rocks Project College ExperienceThe seniors collected stones at a local park while being careful not to take too many as to inadvertently disrupt the natural environment. In the Recreational Room of St. Andrew’s Church, they printed inspirational messages on the stones and painted them with vibrant colors!

The Kindness Rocks Project is something that anybody can do in order to make people feel appreciated and welcome. Or they may be given to anyone who is having a rough time in life and needs a boost in morale. Here are some of the messages we suggested the students should convey on their gifted stones in order to remind the new students how much we value their participation in the program.

Choose to be happy * There is only one YOU * You ROCK * Dream Big * Be KIND * You got this * Choose Kind * You matter * Shine on! * You CAN! * Be BRAVE * Be UNIQUE * You are strong * Start today * You are loved * You are worth it * Reach for the stars * Make today great * YOU DECIDE * Shine bright * You can do hard things * Keep chasing rainbows “ You can choose to have a good day * Celebrate the little things * You can move mountains * You are braver than you think * KEEP GOING, you’re doing great! * If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit * If you dream it, you can do it * Mistakes are proof that you are trying

We have included an image of the seniors creating their Kindness Rocks gifts as well as the final product of their collective efforts (Photo courtesy of Edith “Plummy” Chase).

Kindness Rocks Project College ExperienceThe new students are now settling into the routine of attending classes, maintaining their home environment, and enjoying recreational activities in the State Capital during their free time. We have full confidence the Kindness Rocks messages put a smile on their face in an environment that is welcoming, although it will take some time before it truly feels like home.