The Alumni Activities Club of the College Experience recently traveled to Puzzles Cafe and Bakery in Schenectady, NY followed by the Rivers Casino down the street where they engaged in some light and “responsible” gambling. Rob Corso, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jessica Lewis, and Jose Galvez were transported by their staff on this trip planned by the Alumni Activities Club.

College Experience Puzzles Bakery Electric CityPuzzles is a restaurant operated nearly entirely by individuals on the autism spectrum and beautiful, original artwork from Living Resources participants is on display there! Puzzles also shares the commitment of Living Resources, Inc. toward utilizing the abilities of those with challenges and giving them a productive life as an adult in the community. Jose and Jessica are featured in one of the photographs showing off these talents displayed throughout many other areas around the Capital Region.

College Experience Mohawk Harbor Electric CityAt Rivers Casino, Jose won $52.00 on the slot machines and was wise enough to walk away with his winnings! The time at the casino was followed by a nice stroll around the Mohawk Harbor featured in the second photograph.

We are definitely excited about making future plans for fun trips as the weather continues to be quite summer-like for a few more precious weeks. We are thinking about kayaking or going to a local orchard to pick some peaches during the waning weeks of the summer.