Budgeting is a skill that must continue being honed throughout the course of one’s lifetime. Many of us have been guilty at some point in our lives when it comes to overspending with the immediate gratification of credit cards, purchasing something that feels good but we do not need, or even buying a handful of “magic beans” from an irrefutable individual! The objective is to not become perfect but to grow a little less imperfect with additional education and experience. This is accomplished in Budgeting Class!

The instructor of Emily Padula is a multi-talented instructor who teaches a variety of courses for our students.

In this particular class session, Emily gave the students a scenario in which they are responsible for planning and hosting a corporate party for 150 attendees. The students were given a generous budget and an expansive menu where it was easy to buy too much of one thing and too little of something else. The students were provided with tips and taught basic division skills to figure out how many people one dish from the catering company will serve.

We want our students to know they have the power to earn their own money and delegate it to the bare necessities of life such as rent, groceries, and household products. We also want them to understand they have the right to spend it on recreational opportunities, presents, and entertainment. But there is certainly a way to go about it while still “saving for a rainy day” as the old-fashioned expression goes. The staff will collectively help our students reach new plateaus in their saving and budgeting skills on top of what is offered in the Budgeting Class. There are probably things the students may be able to teach us, too! The best part about working with our students is that we are able to learn from them as we do our best to provide them with the skills necessary for navigating life.