The evening of Saturday, April 9, 2022 was a special night in which many of our current students and alumni congregated to see the new blockbuster, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” at Regal Cinemas in the Crossgates Mall. This is something that was planned entirely by the students and alumni with staff assisting only as needed.

This is the trailer depicting the movie magic that everybody experienced if you would like to take a look: Watch Trailer.

Cartoons and video games typically do not have a strong track record as far as translating into big-screen success. (Does anyone remember the infamous 1990s flops of Super Mario Brothers, the Flintstones, and George of the Jungle?) Of course, there are exceptions to this trend because the group completely enjoyed this modern recreation of a virtual piece of Sega nostalgia. The anthropomorphic hedgehog stole the show ten times over!

Before the movie, everybody congregated at the food court to get to know each other. Amy Maiorano even ran into someone she knows from the Guilderland YMCA and was invited to join their future social gatherings.

The purpose of the Alumni Activities Club is to get the alumni out in the community to build their social skills and confidence to travel on their own. Along with cell phones, GPS devices, the CDTA Bus, and other modern conveniences…the students as well as the alumni will continue to be connected through these activities that will transpire even more now that the weather is growing a little closer to springlike weather after we get past this freakish mid-April snowfall.