It is always wonderful to check out brand new and/or once-hidden treasures within the Capital Region of New York State! On that note, the Alumni Activities Club chose to go to a Sensory Gym called, “Bring on the Spectrum” located on 71 Fuller Road and the web page is:

The alumni had an amazing time going on swings, playing ping-pong, and air hockey within this unique space. We have our friend Carl Greenman to thank who suggested we try out this location because the complex was teaching participants how to play a relatively-unknown sport called curling this particular evening. Nick and Jessica also feasted on slices of pizza and other goodies, which was part of the reasonable $15.00 admission price. The following information is part of the mission statement of “Bring on the Spectrum.”

The Sensory Gym features two spaces, one for children and one for teens/adults. Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation Sensory Room is dedicated to sensory experiences designed specifically to help individuals feel calm, supported, and focused.

After the alumni decided it was time to leave, the night was still young enough to enjoy a trip to the Blue Ribbon Diner in Schenectady, NY followed by a brief visit to the Rivers Casino down the road where the alumni wisely decided to observe the scenery and check out the bakery instead of gambling. We were able to make a long and satisfying evening out of our options with more excitement coming in the future as the weather starts to become warmer. When the alumni have planned other trips to adult locations such as Atlantic City, they have proven themselves to be responsible enough to only gamble in strict moderation with the money spent serving as “entertainment value.”