Jordann Bastiani was kind enough to show off the latest culinary creation baking in the kitchen of her student dorm. Jordann (featured reaching into the oven) was joined by her housemates of Kaylee, Meghan, and Sara (from left to right) checking on the condition of the ginormous cookie.

Even though it may seem easier for our students to purchase food items premade, they will often put in the elbow grease to make dishes from scratch or follow simple recipes. The students also take cooking classes allowing them to be self-sufficient when cooking by themselves and ultimately saving money throughout the course of their adult lives. An added convenience is the Market 32 supermarket is located a short walk away. Also attached is is a photograph of the dessert Jordann was baking that hopefully came out just like the picture!

The College Experience looks forward to bringing you more adventures of our students in their residences and throughout the community.