Even when the calendar clearly states we are nearly a month into spring, reality tends to have other ideas for the time being. On that note, the Alumni Activities Club was supposed to go to Walking Club on Thursday, April 21, 2022, but the weather turned out to be chilly with the perpetual threat of rain.

We were planning to go to The Crossings in Loudonville, NY with its sprawling grounds and a large koipond capped with a gushing fountain. Ra’Kwon, Jessica, and Nick decided to instead visit the Capital City Diner located in Guilderland on Western Avenue where nature’s elements are predictably mild.

The following day, their alumni staff replanned the Walking Club excursion when there was decent weather. Only Jessica Lewis was able to attend this time. She allowed staff to capture her posing by the beautiful pond that is saturated with enormous, colorful fish. This outdoor adventure is only the beginning of wonderful things to come in our future as the weather inevitably catches up to the seasons dictated by the calendar.