Danielle Passariello is truly on a roll these days! Earlier in the fall she ended up hosting a fundraiser to raise hundreds of dollars for a Senior Trip that was postponed indefinitely thanks to the circumstances throughout 2020 when she and her peers graduated.

Now we are proud to report that Danielle has just earned her Driver’s License after much practice and hard work! We wish her success and safety as she navigates this new level of independence. Another past milestone for Danielle is how she was the first freshman in the sixteen-year existence of the College Experience who was accepted as a freshman into the Golden Knights Dance Team within the College of Saint Rose.

We remain confident that Danielle has much to look forward to as she continues to achieve her life ambitions! In her own words,

“I passed the road test even though it took time and had road bumps in my life. Most people get their license at 17, but I am proud of getting it at 23. Follow your dreams. 🚘 Rocking my car shirt!”