Our resident thespian, Nick Williams from the Class of 2018 recently made his film debut by premiering in a production with the Blue Horse Repertory Company (https://www.bluehorserepertory.com) led by his instructor Lora Lee Ecobelli. The movie is called, “Laurina” and takes place in Great Depression-era America. The story is biographical and depicts the life of Lora Lee’s grandmother, whose real name was Lorena, in this eponymous film. Nick portrays a 20-something year old character named, Rudy who “kind of flirts” with Laurina and her sister!

Nick says that the experience of working on the film was “extremely fun,” and it should be released in January. Hopefully it will be screened at a few independent theatres in the area. Nick’s muse, Lora Lee is a popular mentor to many performers in the Capital Region and was married to the veteran Hollywood character actor, Leo Burmester until his death in 2007. Among her many acting credits is a role in the 1994 romantic comedy, “Speechless” starring Michael Keaton and Geena Davis.

We look forward to learning about more projects as well as collaborations between Nick and Lora Lee. Lora Lee was also instrumental in helping Nick prepare for his audition in EPIC Players, which is a prestigious neurodiverse theatre company based in New York City. (In the first photo, Nick is obviously the one dressed in Depression-era clothing and Lora Lee is featured in the second photograph wearing a black dress common in that time period.)