Success Story: Andrew, Class of 2014

Andrew graduated from The College Experience in 2014.  Today, he is living in his own apartment in Albany, NY.  He currently has two jobs, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory. He has also helped train incoming staff at Living Resources during the orientation session and recently filmed an instructional video with the Training Department. 

Success Story: Matt, Class of 2016

Matt graduated from The College Experience in 2016.  Originally from Utica, NY, today Matt is currently living independently in Albany NY with a bearded dragon lizard he has named, Spyro after having lived with his best friend from the College Experience, Henry for four years.  Matt currently works at DHL.

Living On My Own

My name is Christina. I graduated from The College Experience in 2010. I still live in Albany, NY. I moved into an apartment with Living Resources Supportive Living. I love having my own apartment! I have people over to visit a lot. One day, I’d like to get a bigger place to live because I…

Discovering Her Own Ability

When Kathy was 12 years old, we had a very difficult year deciding on a program that would provide her the skills she would need for a happy and productive life. With each new program she attended for middle school, high school, transition, and then The College Experience, Kathy has grown by leaps and bounds.…