My name is Christina. I graduated from The College Experience in 2010.

I still live in Albany, NY. I moved into an apartment with Living Resources Supportive Living. I love having my own apartment! I have people over to visit a lot. One day, I’d like to get a bigger place to live because I have a lot of stuff and I’d like a roommate to share my place with. I like to go to the mall and the movies in my free time. The College Experience helped me learn how to take the bus to get there.

I work part time in the deli at Price Chopper. I put together pizza boxes and salad containers. I put the pizza toppings in containers, too. I love working at Price Chopper. I hope to work there for a long time! I also go to a day program part time at Living Resources. We go many places for volunteering and classes.

The College Experience helped me learn how to live on my own and speak up for myself. I loved going to The College Experience classes. Computer Applications was my favorite class. Right now, I am working on how to be healthier. Staff helps me make good food choices, and I take an exercise class at Saint Rose. I’m also learning to be more organized.

I am so proud that I went to college!

Christina H

Graduate of the Class of 2010