Dear Parents,

Living Resources’ The College Experience has been life changing for our son, as well as for our entire extended family. Alex’s dream was to attend college just like his peers would, and The College Experience has fulfilled this desire. Since his admittance two years ago, he has evolved into a confident young man, bolstered with many new skills learned in this invaluable program.

The academic classes offered have stimulated his zest for learning new topics such as American culture, politics and writing for the Lancaster Times. His internship seminars prepared him well for his year-long internship at the State Capitol Building. The leisure classes, such as swimming, fitness, drama and photography, enriched his ability to socialize and to pursue enjoyable activities.

Alex’s gains in independence are truly remarkable. He now can navigate Albany’s bus routes to go to work, shopping malls, movies, and many other destinations. He also travels on Amtrak to and from Albany whenever he visits us in Westchester County. He is most delighted with the freedom to walk out of his residence to take a stroll, visit friends at nearby residences, or just grab a slice of pizza. Back home, he was extremely limited in his ability to be independent. Alex can now shop for himself and prepare simple dinner menus. He is very proud of these accomplishments.

The extraordinary staff at Living Resources has supported him and our family on this ambitious journey. The results are a rousing success! Alex just graduated and completed all requirements of the program. He loves living in Albany so much that he has decided to remain in the supported living transitional program. He will share an apartment with another young man from The College Experience. Our son has found a new purpose and a supportive community.

Our family is forever grateful to Living Resources for giving our son the experience of a lifetime. We look forward to the next chapter of achievements under the expert guidance of this phenomenal agency. The College Experience has empowered our son to do great things! Let them empower your child too!


Jean and Ralph Corvino