I am Josh and I graduated from The College Experience program in 2010. I’m really proud of graduating.

My favorite part of The College Experience was the classes. American Political Culture was the best because I like learning about history and politics.

I love working as a custodian. I’ve been a janitor at Mohonason High School and at the College of Saint Rose. I love cleaning and making things nice for other people. I work at Albany Med now.

I live in an apartment with my roommate Joe, he graduated from The College Experience too. I hope to live here for a long time. For fun we go bowling, to the mall and to bingo night at the local temple.

I’m working on being a better cook and making sure all my laundry gets done. The College Experience Program really helped me to be more independent. I love to take the bus now. I’m learning new bus routes all the time.

Graduate of the Class of 2010