I graduated from The College of Saint Rose in The College Experience program in May of 2009. After that I went on to the supportive living where we are a little bit more free and independent. I live alone in my apartment in Albany. I very much enjoy living alone; it’s nice, peaceful and quiet, and I like that.

I am working at St. Peter’s Hospital. I am an intern in the Medical Records Department. I am a file clerk. I like my job and I really like my co-workers and supervisor. They are very nice to me, but I am going to miss them when my internship is up. I have to leave St. Peter’s Hospital and find a new job soon. My job interests are sign language or working at a nursing home instead of a hospital.

The College Experience helped me become much more prepared for independence after college and become braver. I have learned many skills like cooking and time management. I really enjoyed getting to know the community and going to events such as basketball games, concerts, plays, dances and Best Buddies events. My favorite event was the Saint Rose Music Awards; that was fun to go see. Saint Rose has some awesome performers.

My goal for the near future is to find a job that I love and that I’m passionate about. For a while longer I’d like to keep living where I’m at because I’m very happy here. I have a pet Betta fish and his name is Prince Flounder. I call him Flounder for short and I would also like to own a dog someday too.

Graduate of the Class of 2009