When my husband and I heard about The College Experience, we were excited about the wonderful opportunity available for our handicapped 20-year-old son. Of course we had many concerns and questions, such as, “Would he be safe and happy?” “How would he handle being away from his family who he was very tied to emotionally?’ ‘How would we, as parents, put away our fears, apprehensions and be supportive of him and the staff in this new adventure?”

Two years and a graduation later, we can’t begin to express what a wonderful change we all experienced while in the program. The conscientious staff of The College Experience were available 24/7 to help, answer questions, present alternative solutions and, most importantly, listen to and act upon any and all needs Joseph or we presented them.

Socially, Joseph has learned to reach out, trust and give back to the many new friends he gained while in the program. He is much more confident and willing to initiate and try new experiences on his own and with his newfound friends. Joseph is much more independent with his decision making, time management, cooking skills, safety awareness, transportation needs and budget decisions.

The College Experience has given Joseph the tools, confidence and social skills to move onward and forward to the Living Resources Residential Program and to a much more independent life on his own for many years to come. The program has given my husband and me the reassurance that Joseph’s safety, health and happiness will be met by Living Resources and their exceptional staff in the years to come.

James & Gayla

Parents to Joseph, Class of 2010