Rob graduated from The College Experience in 2014. Initially from Brewster NY, today Rob is currently living a short distance away from the College of Saint Rose campus in his own apartment with a roommate who too is an alumnus.

Rob interned at a local Albany car dealership, Orange Motors back in fall 2013 that became a Ford and Mazda dealership in 2018. Rob’s internship transitioned into a full-time, paid position where he has remained as a diligent employee for the past seven years.

At the dealership, Rob works very hard in the body shop where his duties involve sanding parts, mixing paint, and unpacking the materials when they are shipped to the dealership before breaking down the boxes for recycling. He used to clean both the exterior and interior of the cars while sweeping the floors and continues to earn more responsibility.

Some of Rob’s hobbies are skiing as well as collecting comic book memorabilia and action figures such as Funko Pop Figures that are displayed in his room. He likes to attend concerts with his roommate, Bill, at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

Rob became proficient with using public transportation due to the travel navigation courses he took at College Experience using the CDTA public bus system and UBER frequently today. In addition, Rob credits the College Experience for expanding his knowledge and skills with personal finance and budgeting.

The main reason Rob believes that a student should try the College Experience is, “because it will benefit you in the long run. It really transformed me, and at first, I did not even want to go. Before I came to the program, I struggled going out in the community independently, today I am comfortable and confident.”

For the past three-and-a-half years, Rob has been together with a 2016 alumnus from the College Experience, Mia. Rob recently had the honor of being his twin sister Melindas Best Man at her wedding.