Success Story: Andrew, Class of 2014

Andrew graduated from The College Experience in 2014.  Today, he is living in his own apartment in Albany, NY.  He currently has two jobs, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory. He has also helped train incoming staff at Living Resources during the orientation session and recently filmed an instructional video with the Training Department. 

Success Story: Matt, Class of 2016

Matt graduated from The College Experience in 2016.  Originally from Utica, NY, today Matt is currently living independently in Albany NY with a bearded dragon lizard he has named, Spyro after having lived with his best friend from the College Experience, Henry for four years.  Matt currently works at DHL.

Amy’s Photographs of Foliage

The College Experience would like to highlight the budding photography talents of one of our accomplished alumni named, Amy Maiorano who graduated with the Class of 2017! Both of these images reflect the glory of this season and the natural beauty that may sustain our spirits during trying times. Amy has also spoken of wanting…

An Evening at the German-American Club

Nick Williams and Jessica Lewis from the Alumni Activities Club decided to give the German-American Club a chance on Friday, September 25, 2020 for one of their special dinners. The German-American Club is located on 32 Cherry Street; Albany, NY 12205 and the web page is: The following was the meal the alumni enjoyed…

Jessica Takes on the Pine Bush Preserve

Jessica Lewis had a wonderful adventure at the Pine Bush Preserve on Saturday, September 19, 2020, which is an activity she planned all by herself.  Jessica took on a 2 1/2 mile trail as part of her fitness goals and then made time for a shorter trail shortly afterwards.  It was a beautiful day at…