Internship/Job Experience

Preparing for the Working World Preparation for a career College Experience seniors participate in two semester long paid or unpaid internships. These internships assist students in learning specific job skills, evaluate potential career paths and prepare them for competitive employment. The Internship Coordinator works closely with each student to find an internship in a career…

Visual Arts

This survey course will explore the world of art using various mediums. Mediums may include: drawing, painting, collage, digital photography, crafting. Students will investigate art in their world, in fashion and as a means of self-expression.

Video Production

This course explores first hand what it means to be part of a TV-News channel video production team, focusing on the responsibilities of a camera-operator, video editor, video producer, and other video production related staff. Various production and film techniques such as setting, presentation, props, camera angles, and video editing will be explored. To connect…

Studio in Bead Design

Students will use nature and the jewelry arts of primitive cultures as visual inspiration to create original beads. Students will sketch their designs on graph paper that represent finished pieces. Color theory through mixing of clay colors will develop understanding of color and design. Methods of instruction: demonstration, lecture, slide presentation. Original art work will…

Studies in Self-Expression

The focus of this class is to provide a means for self-expression. Students will practice expressing their thoughts and feelings of the world around them. Literature, journaling, poetry writing, creative writing, photograph, art and dance will be discussed and practiced. Students will be required to create an original work and present it.

Stress Management

Although in many situations, stress prompts us to respond to life’s challenges, we generally view stress as something to minimize and manage. Chronic stress affects our susceptibility to illness and disease, our ability to learn and retain information and the quality of our interpersonal relationships. In this course, students will learn specific stress management techniques…


This survey course will cover topics such as: the human body, brain chemistry, emotions, human behavior, personality, interpersonal relationships, learning styles, critical thinking and problem solving. Lab activities completed during class will enhance the topic of discussion. This course will give individuals a chance to learn more about their own personality and learning style.

Practical History

The objective of this course is to give students an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the history of the College of Saint Rose, the City of Albany, and New York State. The curriculum will include historical text, field trips to historical sites and guest speakers with an historical perspective. The emphasis of the course…


The focus of this course is for students to explore contemporary and historical issues and develop a stance which will be presented to classmates in a debate and/or panel discussion. Students will learn the structure of debates and panels and oral presentation skills will be emphasized.