This course explores first-hand what it means to be part of a TV-News channel video production team, focusing on the responsibilities of a camera-operator, video editor, video producer, and other video production related staff. Various production and film techniques such as setting, presentation, props, camera angles, and video editing will be explored. To connect classroom learning with real world broadcasting, students will tour WRGB CBS 6, a local Albany, NY, TV-news station, and have the opportunity to go behind the scenes to shadow and meet the CBS 6 video production team. In order to keep up with the cutting edge world of video editing on the computer, students will utilize the editing equipment on campus and at the Apple Editing Lab in Albany. Throughout the semester, students will produce three major video projects. By working independently and in small “news team” groups, students will expand their knowledge of the broadcasting/video production profession; develop their collaboration, interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills; and strengthen their video camera and video editing skills.