Tor's Basketball Skills College ExperienceWe are pleased to present you with this image of Tor Kronbichler captured in mid-shot on the basketball court of the Guilderland YMCA. Tor was there last week on Friday, August 16, 2019 touring the premises using the guest pass of his Volunteer Coordinator who has a regular membership. Tor had an incredible experience exploring the numerous amenities such as the hot tub and lukewarm pool facility in which the winters are always mild!

Tor is one of our most athletic alumni and served as a team captain for the Dodgeball Madness Tournament last spring at the College of Saint Rose. He also had an internship at the University of Albany assisting the football team during his student career. All of this would be impressive enough, but Tor has also served as a lifeguard and assisted with a youth basketball league.

We wish Tor continued success and awesomeness after his strong start as an alumnus. On Monday, August 19, 2019 he lent the program his brawn and compassion by spending all morning greeting new freshmen students as well as helping to transport their luggage into the houses during Move-In Day.