Dodgeball Madness finally came to the College of Saint Rose on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 and the College Experience was in the midst of the madness! Tor and Alek decided to take the initiative of forming their own team with their peers in the College Experience along with at least one supportive Saint Rose student.

Alek explained the other day how it is part of their mission to make the most of what is left of the senior year. In other words, it was now or never with regards to participating in Dodgeball Madness! Many of the students and staff (including our program director, Jennifer Richard) came out to cheer on the team.

Dodgeball Madness College Experience

Dodgeball Madness was launched with an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in front of the entire College of Saint Rose that Tor was able to dominate and win the honor of starting the first round.Spectators thoroughly enjoyed the halftime entertainment such as a rendition of popular songs by the Saint Rose acapella singing group, The Girls Next Door.

The real victory is often in the attempt and heart shown during a friendly competition. We wish that we could say that our College Experience team served as the classic underdogs and ended up seizing the title. But they instead held on for dear life throughout the entire first round and were sadly eliminated toward the very end.

Their elimination was not made easy for the opposing team, however. Our students definitely returned a few solid hits and made some impressive catches. Whether they win or lose each time, we continue to celebrate our students and alumni taking the initiative to put themselves out there. Featured in these photographs are the dodgeball team coined, “The Dream Team” and many others in the program who came out to show their support.

Dodgeball Madness College Experience