Chef Matt Albany Marriott College Experience

Chef Matt Delivers Wisdom for the College Experience Students

On Monday, April 27, 2020 the students were treated to a special guest for their Employment Class led by Katie O’Hearn and Lori Ira. This individual happens to be Matt who serves as a top chef at the Albany Marriott Hotel. Matt was on hand to answer the prepared questions that Lori gave him during the Zoom Conference. At the end of the class we allowed the students to ask him things on their mind.

CareerNext SUNY Schenectady

CareerNext Program

An extension of the College Experience has been their CareerNext Program that is housed at SUNY Schenectady (and new this fall, SUNY Cobleskill). This has been geared toward students who have challenges, but are more academically inclined and have chosen to take on a more rigorous curriculum. There are still residential goals such as learning to cook, clean up after themselves, and shopping within a budget. But there is a greater emphasis on pushing the academic piece of the program.