The College Experience would like to offer our sincere congratulatory wishes to Zachary Lerman for his commitment to making good choices with his health and fitness activities going forward. College life and being an adult are a tough time for anyone. There are many amenities available, and the temptations to eat the wrong types of food are lurking at all corners. We as staff along with the students’ families do our best to encourage people to make positive decisions with the freedom that is allotted in adulthood and hope they listen to us.

Zach has committed himself toward going on hikes with staff and trying healthier options at restaurants. Changes are not depriving oneself of the foods we all like. It is merely enjoying such things in moderation. Late fall or even winter is arguably the best time for these types of hikes considering the excursions are not plagued by flies, mosquitoes, poison ivy, and ticks. It is also nice to have an unfiltered view of the sprawling scenery. Of course, the cold is not a pleasant thing to deal with, but it is easier to warm up than cool down during the exercise.

This particular photograph features Zach enjoying the scenery of the Pine Bush Preserve that is located on New Karner Road. The Pine Bush is home to endangered species and features trails of relatively mild terrain. Zach’s staff has even connected him with Robert Reames who is the top trainer at the Dr. Phil Show. Mr. Reames has offered Zach a basic program of physical fitness and emotional support. Therefore, it is Zach’s goal to work up to this reasonable regimen.

We wish Zach a lot of success with reaching his goals, but he will not have to do it all by himself!