THe College Experience at t Rose blog

Hello CEP students, alumni, families, staff and community members!

The College Experience Program is always seeking to improve the ways in which we communicate and keep in touch with students past, present and future, as well as our methods for sharing information about our unique program with the community.

This new blog has been created as a means to share all of the wonderful things that are going on in our program with the world! Throughout the year, we hope to share with our readers plenty of photos and videos, information about what our students are learning and the skills that are being developed, updates on events and activitties, and even special interviews with our students, alumni and staff. Our blog will offer a window into our world here at CEP!

We hope that you will return to this site often for updates. Here’s a hint – if you look in the grey bar on the right side of your screen, there should be an area to enter your email address so that you will receive automatic updates anytime this blog is updated.

College of Saint Rose