The College Experience is pleased to announce that Tor Kronbichler has recently started working at the Guilderland YMCA helping out with the Youth Basketball League every Friday afternoon, and may also start volunteering on Saturday mornings on occasion.

Tor Basketball College ExperienceHere is a photograph of him mentoring one of the young participants in the fine art of dribbling. This particular image of poetry in motion was captured on Tor’s first day of volunteering on the evening of Friday, November 8, 2019

Tor is being helped by Bob who is the head basketball coach of the youth league and is doing an excellent job showing Tor the ropes! We wish him continued success throughout the remainder of his first year as an alumnus.

The College Experience and Living Resources, Inc. also wish to show our appreciation to the Capital District YMCA. They have provided so much support over the years to our alumni by allowing them to build critical professional skills such as helping out at the front desk and assisting with the various activities such as childcare.