The College Experience goes to Lake George

As we wind down Summer Session II and the students prepare to pack up and move into their new rooms as seniors in the program, or into new apartments as graduates of our program, it’s a great time to recap some of the other interesting activities everyone enjoyed over the past few weeks. It’s certainly bittersweet — making memories has been fun, but we will miss our graduates! Hopefully all will continue to visit as alumni of the program.

The students had a blast spending the day in Lake George Village – some hung out at the beach or went for a cruise, while others explored Fort William Henry:

The College Experience LakeGeorge2015  The College Experience: LakeGeorge2015-1 The College Experience at FortWilliamHenry  The College Experience at FortWilliamHenry2 The College Experience at FortWilliamHenry3  The College Experience at LakeGeorge2015-2

A group of students attended a Valley Cats baseball game on a gorgeous July day – and the team won! Gooooo Valley Cats!

the College Experience at ValleyCats-VinnyAbbyBryan

Wow! New York’s Capitol building and Empire State Plaza provided the perfect backdrop for a snap with two students who walked the entire way around the Mall to experience live music, a farmer’s market, food vendors and the State Museum. Which one is the mastodon anyway!?

The College Experience at NYSMuseum-MattCoryThe College Experience at NYSPlaza-MattCory