The students of the College Experience work hard…and they also play hard! Our program is fortunately located in the heart of the New York State Capital with endless amenities, cultural events, and major franchises a stone’s throw away. The occasional hiking expedition at places like the Pine Bush Preserve are also on the table. But in this case, it was time for a recreational outing at the famous Dave and Buster’s located down Western Avenue within the Crossgates Mall!

Dave and Buster’s is essentially an arcade aimed for adults in which some of the most exciting games exist along with a restaurant. Hold onto your hats because it is always an exciting ride for our students at such places. Video games have certainly evolved dramatically since the early-1980s introduced our first love affair with the virtual. Dave and Buster’s has the same nostalgic games, such as PacMan, only now they are revved up on the huge screen towering above our students!

In these photos, we have Justin playing a race car game and Liam in his command module trying to save humanity from whatever villainous invaders are present. We are looking forward to many more events as the weather begins to inch toward full-blown spring.

These photos were provided courtesy of one of the house staff members named Erin Kennedy.