The College Experience wishes to offer our sincere congratulatory wishes on behalf of our 2019 alumnus Reed Grontas who just landed a volunteer position at the Focus Interfaith Food Pantry housed in the Emmanuel Baptist Church located on State Street. Reed just had his first day of volunteering on Thursday, September 24, 2020 and put a total of three hours into helping out the local community. He arranged plastic bags of produce, vegetables, and stocked shelves along with enthusiastically performing any other duties that were asked of him. Reed will start off volunteering every Thursday morning for 3-4 hours during a time when food is more of an essential need for our community to help local families living below the poverty line!

Reed has already had a strong career in the food service industry by working for the Marriott in their dining facility. Reed is being supported by the coordinators of the food pantry who are Belinda Quaye and Lorraine Houk! We thank them for giving him a chance to make a difference. All of us look forward to seeing what Reed will bring to the table at the food pantry among his other achievements that will fo