The College Experience and Living Resources are proud to highlight the accomplishments of Rachael Rose who is an alumnus from the Class of 2018. Rachael lives independently in the town of Millbrook located in Dutchess County, NY.

Rachael has made incredible strides and serves as a role model for the current students in the way she continues to hone the skills we teach during our two-year program! Rachel travels independently using the Loop Bus Service to Pleasant Valley where she fulfills her professional duties at ACME Grocery Store. Rachael is a store clerk whose duties include cleaning and processing returns. This past May 2021 was her one year anniversary at the ACME complex.

Rachael benefits tremendously from the support of her entire family who live nearby as well as enjoying recreational activities at venues such as Club Germania, which is a German-American Club located in Poughkeepsie. Rachael has generously hosted members of the Alumni Activities Club who traveled all the way from Albany to enjoy the festivities. At Club Germania, she is informally known as their Mayor because of how many people know her and cherish Rachael’s gregarious personality

We wish Rachael continued success and have few doubts that her trajectory toward success is finished. Rachael has never been someone who rests on her laurels just like many of the alumni we keep in touch with to remain inspired by their accomplishments. Rachael and her mother Karen have provided us with photographs of her working hard at ACME in uniform!