In Jesse Saperstein’s Creative Writing class, students have been practicing writing and  delivering speeches to their classmates. Although many people fear public speaking (and as Jesse pointed out, public speaking is the top fear in the United States – people fear it more than heights, bugs and even death!), our students have stepped outside of their comfort zones to master this valuable skill. Special focus has been placed on making eye contact and connecting with the audience while speaking.

Click on the videos below to view three of our seniors delivering their speeches. Each student chose a topic related to their passions.

Stay tuned – we will have more speeches from our students that we will feature after they return from Thanksgiving break!

Some of our students will also have the opportunity to further hone their oratory skills this coming spring semester if they choose to enroll in Public Speaking, one of the spring 2016 elective courses. We are looking forward to seeing great things from them in the future!