College Experience Atlantic CityThe Alumni Activities Club traveled on a two day, one night trip to Atlantic City this past weekend on Sunday, February 23rd to Monday, February 24th, 2020. Everybody had a wonderful time, and the weather was beautiful especially considering it was the middle of winter. We ended up going to Atlantic City on the Tropicana Casino Winter Getaway trip with Yankee Trails.

The first dose of fun experienced by the alumni was attending a Rat Pack Tribute Show on Sunday night in which talented singers/actors portrayed the late-legendary crooners of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. in addition to Marilyn Monroe. It contained songs and humor from a different time but was thoroughly enjoyed by the alumni.

College Experience Atlantic CityOne of the other adventures packed into this brief excursion was visiting the Rainforest Cafe a short walk away from their hotel where the atmosphere is sculpted to look like a tropical rainforest with animatronic gorillas rattling bamboo trees! It was truly dinner and a show considering the Rainforest Cafe created a simulated thunderstorm every increment of 20 minutes. Bill, Rob, Matt, and Amy did an excellent job with representing the program and interacting with other adults on the tour while gambling responsibly.

Staff will continue to help the alumni explore options for such recreational actives that take us beyond the Capital Region. The Alumni Activities Club was opened up for seniors just last year to give them a taste of what awaits if they choose to remain in the proximity of Albany after graduation while maintaining their bond with the College Experience!

College Experience Atlantic City