Minimum Admission Requirements

Students who wish to apply to The College Experience must meet these minimum requirements.

✓ Commitment to live independently with minimal support.

  • Ability to be at home without supervision.
  • Some experience of being independent in the community.

✓ Motivated to integrate by participating in a variety of social and educational activities sponsored by The College of Saint Rose and organized by the College Experience Community Coordinator.

✓ Ability to independently complete all daily living tasks.

  • Examples: Waking up, hygiene, dressing, chores, etc…

✓ Motivated to learn and participate in discussions and conversations with instructors and students.

✓ Motivated to independently complete in-class assignments and homework.

✓ Ability to get along with others, follow house and school rules, accept supervision and does not require behavioral support.

✓ Ability to use a calculator to do basic math.

✓ Ability to read at a minimum of a third grade level.

✓ Ability to type a document on Microsoft Word, experience using search engines (Google)

Additional Considerations

✓ If applying with Medicaid funding, enrollment in OPWDD Medicaid Waiver and Social Security Income is required.

✓ Admission to The College Experience Program is competitive.

✓ Candidates for admissions will be asked to participate in an interview and may be required to provide “on-demand” writing and reading samples.

✓ Acceptance into the program requires the recommendation for acceptance by Living Resources to The College of Saint Rose.