This semester at The College Experience, students in our Self-Expression elective are learning how to write their very own blog entries. Students will be writing entries for our blog, as well as creating their own personal blogs on a number of different topics. Keep reading to learn more about the students who will be writing for us this semester, including what they are looking forward to learning and writing about in the months ahead!


Jordan headshotHi, my name is Jordan and I’m a HIP-HOP fanatic! I’ve been a fan for a long time, also a huge sports fan as well. I also am into Hip-Hop Fashion as well, love where it started and it’s very different from back in the 90’s. I’m also big into hat collecting. Love fitteds, also like the different designs that they come out with and all the different colors that put on the hats. I also LOVE going to the Nitty Gritty Poetry Slams they’re so REAL and authentic and so passionate as well. Not many people know this but “rap” stands for “Rhythm And Poetry”, just in case so you didn’t know.

I am most excited to go to more Hip-Hop Concerts this year and learning how to make my own blog. I’m going to write about Poetry Slams and how special they are. My favorite class is going to be Community Involvement and I am very excited to be planning my own events. For my personal blog I will be writing about all different topics involving hip-hop.




Susie headshotHi my name is Susie and I’m a senior in The College Experience. I am from East Greenbush. I like all my teacher this semester. I’m most excited about budgeting class. I like some activities, like tennis. I want to write my personal blog about my interests, like painting my nails, pets, and hip-hop.





Isaac headshotHi, my name is Isaac and I am a freshman.   I am most excited about my Career Prep class this semester. I am writing about Career Prep because I like finding out about what jobs there are. I also am excited for Career Prep because I want to learn how to dress for the job or an interview. I also like Career Prep because I like going out on job shadows and getting an idea of jobs. I like that class because it teaches you about getting ready to find jobs. I want to write my personal blog about seeing fun performances in the Capital Region.




Shannon HeadshotHi my name is Shannon. I am a freshman. I am excited about my Career Prep class because I am going to learn about how to work in pet care. This semester I would like to walk and swim, and I like cooking. I like going on a nature walk. For example, I went to the endangered species event and I then I went on a trail walk this past Saturday . For this blog am planning on writing about my classes. For my personal blog I want to write about books and films.



Rikhi headshotHi, my name is Girdharry Rikhi but people call me by my last name Rikhi. I am excited about this semester’s cooking class. I took two years of culinary class in VOTEC. I like to try cooking new foods from different places like for example I like to cook Indian food, like curry and rice. In the College Experience blog I plan to write about my experiences in the College Against Cancer Club . In that club we raise money for breast cancer. In my personal blog, I plan to write about cooking and different recipes.



Miranda headshot


Hi readers, my name is Miranda. I’m a freshman in the College Experience program and I’m from Saratoga Springs, New York and what I’m excited about this semester is how to set up a blog and have my own blog . For The College Experience blog, I am planning on writing about my experiences here in the program. For my personal blog I am writing about Broadway musicals, like Jersey Boys.



Hi, my name is Emily. I grew up in Brewster, NY, a town in Putnam County. I am a senior at The College Experience.I am excited for my comics and anime drawing class this semester it looks really interesting. I will be posting about classes, events and experiences I have at The College Experience.I will be starting my own blog about my love for animals.


What’s up peeps, I’m Louis. I’m a senior in the College of Saint Rose’s College Experience Program from Hawthorne, New York, in Westchester County. I began my college experience in mid-August 2014, and I’m expected to graduate on May 14, 2016. I’m definitely excited about the big events I’m planning this semester, like my Super Bowl party for this year (which is in a couple of weeks). For my College Experience blog, I’m going to be writing about my internship at the Albany Marriott on Wolf Rd., which is more or maybe less than a mile away from Colonie Center. For my personal blog, I had a passion about watching pro wrestling since late 2009, when I was 13 years old. So for this one, I’m going to be writing about wrestling. I’m definitely looking forward to writing soon, but until then…thank you.